Event Space Covered In 700,000 Colorful Sheets Of Paper [Pics]

Event Space Covered In 700,000 Colorful Sheets Of Paper [Pics]
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The installation will debut at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 february 2013

Architect Gert Wingårdh and illustrator Kustaa Saksi have designed an installation at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair for ‘The Hello! Show,’ which offers debates around the workplace, design, and communication.

The event space has been constructed using 700,000 sheets in total. It is reminiscent of a church interior, with rows of high tables in front of an ‘altar’ for the panel. The tabletops are made of a mirror laminate and balance on stacks of A4 paper sheets.

Event Space Features 700,000 Colorful Sheets Of Paper [Pics]

Stacks also hang from the roof in a Venetian blind-like construction, with the lowest sheet in each stack carrying part of an enormous illustration that forms the dome-shaped ceiling. Saksi said:

I’m fascinated by architecture and antique ceiling paintings in temples all over the world, and the way they’ve attracted people to share their thoughts and ideas. I’ve wanted to create a similar esthetics, mixed with orientalism, art, mathematics, science and psychedelia, by depicting communication as Darwinistic evolution. Constantly on the move and a work in progress, like bacteria and marine animals when they crawled out of the depths of the sea millions of years ago.

Click through to see more images of the creative event space:

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