Layers Of Paper Glued Together Create Marble-Like Sculptures [Videos]

Layers Of Paper Glued Together Create Marble-Like Sculptures [Videos]
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Incredible artworks tediously put together using thousands of layers of the thin material.

Yi Chen
  • 7 february 2013

At initial glance, the artworks by Beijing artist Li Hongbo resemble fragile porcelain sculptures. However, these sculptures can be picked up and stretched as they’re actually made from thousands of soft white paper glued together.

Hongbo has tediously carved each paper gourd so when they lie flat on a surface, they look like smooth sculptures that have been carved out of stone. The artwork begins to morph into another form as the exhibitor begins to gently pull the item, revealing thousands of folded translucent papers.


These delicate papers are traditionally used in China for toys and festive decorations. The decorations are often stored flat and only reveal the shape such as a flower, or character, after the person pulls on it. Hongbo became fascinated with the paper structures, which inspired him to create this series of sculptures.


Hongbo recently exhibited his latest works at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Australia. Watch the video below to see how Hongbo plays around with the shape of the sculptures:

Li Hongbo


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