Grey Poupon Brings Back 32 Year Old Ad For 2013 Oscars

Grey Poupon Brings Back 32 Year Old Ad For 2013 Oscars

Resurrecting the 1981 ad, the mustard brand hopes to revitalize its image on Hollywood's classiest night

Daniela Walker
  • 21 february 2013

‘Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?’ asks one snob to the other. For years, this has been ingrained in our cultural psyche, a statement of snobbery and uppityness, a punchline, a question worthy of a Wayne’s World parody. This was one good ad. Grey Poupon pulled its iconic commercials in 1997 but with the increasing number of high-end condiments coming up on the market, the company felt the need to return to what works.

On February 24th, during the Academy Awards, Grey Poupon will resurrect its most famous ad, recreating the original 1981 version of a man lunching in his Rolls-Royce, when another high-falutin Roll-Royce pulls up to ask that question. In the original, that is where the spot ends, but in this new ad there is the addition of ‘lost footage,’ and so there is more. This younger man, the borrower, does not intend to return the mustard – ‘you thought you knew the whole story, but you were egregiously mistaken,’ tells the narrator.

The spot is 30 seconds long and cost $1.7 million to air during the Oscars, but the high bill is worth it for the brand that has lost its market footing in the last few years. The Associated Press reports:

Grey Poupon’s sales have been flat to down as more mustards and other condiments have appeared on the shelves. Its share of the U.S. mustard market has fallen from 13.7 percent in 2003 to 11.4 percent last year.

Kraft, makers of the mustard, are lining up the brand, which banks on its classiness, with a night associated with glamour to get people to reengage with the mustard and spark an interest for online marketing campaigns. The 30 second spot is actually a cut from a short film, which will air online after the Oscars. Did you think this would be the end of Grey Poupon? Pardon me, but you were egregiously mistaken.

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