Learn The Purpose Of Calls Before Picking Up [Video]

Learn The Purpose Of Calls Before Picking Up [Video]

SayWhat allows users to add subject lines to their telephone communications.

Yi Chen
  • 20 february 2013

SayWhat essentially combines SMS with phone calls to allow users to state the intention of the call before dialing. It’s also a useful tool for users to know why the purpose of the call before picking up the phone.

The app is straightforward and has a simple interface. Before placing a call, you simply select “the agenda of the call” such as ‘casual,’ ‘work,’ ‘love,’ and ‘pleasure.’ You can also insert various emoticons and add personalized text. When you place the call, the person will be able to see the short message simultaneously. SayWhat also features a “Can U Talk” button that lets callers see the availability of the contact before placing a call.


Noam Wolf, CEO of SayWhat explains that:

The SayWhat app adds a completely new dimension for the recipient. While you can text back with a response through a reject with a call text option, until now, you had to answer the call to find out what it’s about. The biggest value add of the app is for the recipient who now can see what the call is about before they answer it, helping to set the agenda (similar to an email subject line).

The app is currently available on Android devices, and hopes to launch on other OS devices in the future. Watch the promotion video below to see how the app works.


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