Design A Customized Art Pizza Made Of Various Toppings [Video]

Design A Customized Art Pizza Made Of Various Toppings [Video]
Arts & Culture reveals its latest project with Ray's Pizza chain that allows users to create edible masterpieces.

Yi Chen
  • 15 february 2013

The revealed its ‘Paint Your Pizza’ project as part of the Eyebeam Annual Showcase. The online app allows anyone to create their own artworks using pizzas as canvases. After the user orders the “artwork,” each one of the pizzas is custom created using various topping to resemble the digital painting.

For the event, around 3,500 personalized pizzas were created, but only three were brought by art buyers. If you have $36 to spend and live in New York City, you can order your own custom pizza through the web app. Currently, Paint Your Pizza project has a partnership with Ray’s Pizza in NYC. If you’ve ran out of ideas, you can also order artistic pizzas that are already drawn by other artists.

Paint-Your-Pizza is a web-based paint app launched by Swedish artist Jonas Lund. The app allows users to collaborate online where painters share the same canvas. The painting is only cleared when one of the painters signs the artwork, and the process starts over again.

Watch the video below to see how it all works:

Paint Your Pizza


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