Heat-Sensitive Business Cards Look Like Developing Polaroids [Pics]

Heat-Sensitive Business Cards Look Like Developing Polaroids [Pics]
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The cards, designed by Bureau Rabensteiner, change from black to white when touched.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 february 2013

Austrian graphic design studio Bureau Rabensteiner created a set of thermo-sensitive business cards for Natalie Daniels, a photo producer from Vienna. The black color of the varnish fades at body temperature, so when you hold it in your hands the areas you touch will turn to white.

This allows you to produce different images on the changing surface, like hand prints or lips. The cards’ “dynamic and living design” is in a square bordered by a white trim like a classic polaroid.

Thermo-Sensitive Business Cards Feature Changing Surface [Pics]

We’ve seen heat-sensitive business cards before but this is a creative execution, especially for a photo producer. Bureau Rabensteiner’s graphic designer on the project, Isabella Meischberger, writes:

It’s just a little effect but has the potential to say so much more. It’s not so much that the thermo-sensitive varnish itself is an innovation, I think we all have seen it before, but this is a unique way of using it.

Click through to see images of the thermo-sensitive business cards:

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