PSFK Social Media Week Panelist: Steve Greenwood On Contextual Relationships

PSFK Social Media Week Panelist: Steve Greenwood On Contextual Relationships

An interview with a guest speaker at our Social Media Week event on the Future of Work.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 17 february 2013

PSFK Labs is excited to share an exclusive preview of our Future of Work report at Social Media Week NYC on Wednesday February 20th at 12pm. Piers Fawkes and the PSFK Labs team will be presenting cutting edge innovations as we discuss how Making Social Work in Collaborative Workplaces is the future of work. For more information click here.

Wednesday’s discussion will feature a leading panel of experts about how social media is changing how we work. We recently spoke with one of the featured panelists, Steve Greenwood, Founder of Brewster (@sgreenwood), about his work on improving how we can keep track of business contacts. If you have any questions for him, you can tweet them with #SMWFutureOfWork before our discussion so that we can include them in the talk.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Relationships are complicated and they continue to grow in complexity as we know more people. On a basic level, we fix your address book by gathering all updated merged contact information in one place and making your phone/email apps work better. On top of that, Brewster helps people stay in touch with who they know and brings back a sense of serendipity in understanding how all of our relationships are interconnected.

How does your product solve this problem?

Brewster helps you remember the hundreds of people in your world, reminds you when you should reach out to them, and enables you to easily access all contact information in one place. Brewster also provides you with an incredible search engine that helps you search by interests, location, employment and much more, making it easy to search in a fun and quick way.

What forces are affecting change in the work force/workplace?

Today, personal relationships have taken over the traditional job search engine. The people we work with become friends, friends become colleagues and industries continue to become smaller and more connected. Brewster helps frame relationships and contacts in the larger context of how we work and play — grounding our understanding of our industry and workplace on insights into relationships and real-life interactions. Brewster also helps you surface mutual connections and ties you never knew existed, helping you see opportunities you never saw before.

What do you think are the biggest factors for people to adapt to in these changes?

As technology changes the way we interact, it is important for people to have tools that provide context around relationships. We created Brewster to fix my own personal problem — nothing existed out there that really met my needs. Brewster is the reinvented address book — one that understands relationships, helps you keep in touch and in the process, helps you better understand the world (and workplace) around you.

Thanks Steve! 

To participate in this free presentation you must register by Tuesday afternoon, 24 hours in advance. Running from 12pm to 1:30 pm in the Bloomberg building at 731 Lexington Avenue, the Future of Work discussion is filling up quickly so we recommend that you show up early and be prepared to show ID.

If you are unable to attend, you can follow the Livestream here and get in on the conversation on Twitter with #SMWFutureOfWork.

For more information: PSFK’s Future of Work talk at Social Media Week

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