Puma Running Shoe Expands And Contracts With Wearer’s Steps

Puma Running Shoe Expands And Contracts With Wearer’s Steps
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The Mobium Elite promotes "adaptive running" and features a band that enhances the foot's natural spring.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 february 2013

Puma has introduced the Mobium Elite, performance shoes that expand and contract with your foot movement, what the company calls ‘Adaptive Running.’ The shoes move and change depending on how the runner is moving to provide the best support.

Rooted in anatomy and inspired by nature, they are the product of two years intense design and development based on how the foot moves. Puma’s innovative footwear adapts with the body in motion, encouraging a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike.

Puma Running Shoe Expands And Contracts With Wearer’s Steps

A “Mobium Band” runs through the outsole in a figure eight, enhancing the foot’s natural spring and works like the tendons in the foot. The “Windlass Chassis” is a sculpted arch that mimics the foot’s expansion and contraction and creates a platform for it in movement, so the entire shoe moves the way the foot naturally does.

The “Expansion Pods” on the outsole were inspired by cats paws. These also move with the foot so the running shoes’ cushioning, protection and flexibility encourages a more efficient stride and offer a smoother transition. Mary Taylor, global head of footwear for Puma, said:

We believe PUMA Mobium will change the paradigm in the category of performance running.  With patent pending, break-through technologies that work together as a system, we’ve created a new class of footwear.  The marketplace is currently driven by shoes that are static – that do not move with your foot in motion. In Mobium Elite, we have designed adaptive footwear that actually expands and contracts with your foot in motion.  At PUMA, we are driven to look at performance through a different lens, to break with convention through true innovation. Mobium is the result of this and we feel strongly it will be a game-changer.


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