Fashionable QR Code Bracelet Is Only Link To Personal Mobile Site

Fashionable QR Code Bracelet Is Only Link To Personal Mobile Site

The Chipp'd bracelet allows total control over what you share with whom, for a more intimate digital experience.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 22 february 2013

In this age of content over-sharing and viral spread, sometimes you just want a unique way to send a special message to a loved one. The Chipp’d app and QR code bracelet allows you to program a personal mobile page that is only accessible when a QR code on the paired bracelet is scanned with the app. Users can customize their page with video, photo galleries, contact cards, social media links, PDFs, audio links and more. And because it’s only viewable via a QR code on the user’s wrist, they have total control over who sees their content.


There are three types of Chipp’d use; Love, Flock and Story, each with their own price point (the app is free but the bracelet is not). ‘Love’ is for special sharing between two people, ‘Flock’ facilitates sharing within a group, and ‘Story’ allows sharing with anyone who has the app.

Beyond obvious romantic and personal uses, Chipp’d has potential as a unique business card platform, where users can set up a site showcasing their work and contact information that they can have on them at all times without worrying about carrying actual resumes everywhere. However, they would have to worry about the other person needing the Chipp’d app to view their page.


The bracelets are handcrafted in NYC and do look pretty good, but the high price point may keep many users away. This is a product ripe for a celebrity or brand partnership.

We enjoyed playing around with our Chipp’d bracelet, and imagined it could be very powerful in the hands of a grassroots or advertising campaign where organized groups of people on the streets could quickly spread a particular message in a more interesting way than asking “do you have a moment for X cause?”


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