For anyone who has ever been paid to sit at a desk and pretend they’re a grown-up, this fake Dunder Mifflin ad for the brand's online division will strike a chord.

More than a Super Bowl spot, this is a creative business idea that hacks the hysteria around the annual leather-egg-throwing-contest. Strategically, it’s all kinds of clever. And demographically speaking, there’s a 99.98% chance you won’t have seen it during the big game at all., Staple’s online division, partnered with The Office to bring Dunder Mifflin’s paper products to the real world. Then a contest was launched via the Tongal crowdsourcing platform to create this TV spot. The winner, Freddy Rabbath from Tallahassee, was awarded $15k for his efforts, which, ironically, is what a glitzy ad agency would charge a client for a week’s worth of photocopying.

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