Bicycles Made From Recycled Cars [Video]

Bicycles Made From Recycled Cars [Video]

Old cars are used to make Bicycled Bikes, a truly eco-friendly mode of transportation

Daniela Walker
  • 15 february 2013

Bicycles are already a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to travel around the city. But creative agency Lola Madrid wanted to make the perfect bike, so they developed a prototype made from components of old junkyard cars.

Cars go to the junkyard and we recycle them to create the most efficient, ecological and healthy mean of transportation.

What was once a car frame becomes the bicycle frame, while the chain is made out of the transmission seat and old leather seats are used upholster the handlebars and bike seat.

The project, Bicycled not only focuses on reusing materials but also on helping to ‘bring balance back to society.’

Bicycled is not only a new type of bike, it is also a return to the roots of biking. It’s a handmade bike created specially by bicycle shop owners. Those fantastic creatures that are about to become extinct.

Since each bike is hand-built, there will be no two alike. This makes it feasible to use as much car waste as possible, varying from one model to the other. Currently, there is a sign-up list for the Bicycled recycled bikes, but for now, check out the making-of video below:


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