How Retailers Tracking Customers Without Their Knowledge

How Retailers Tracking Customers Without Their Knowledge

Discreet technology allows stores to monitor foot traffic by tapping into customers mobile phone signal.

Yi Chen
  • 13 february 2013

Nomi is a new startup that enables retailers to discreetly track shoppers via their mobile phones. A snippet of code is installed that lets wireless routers receive nearby phone signals and pull out “non-invasive data” about customers in real-time without them even knowing.

Corey Capasso, co-founder of Nomi, stresses that the technology is “completely passive and completely anonymous,” and that no personal information will be pulled. The data presented by Nomi is similar to what you find on Google Analytics, such as how many returning customers visit the store, the number of unique visits each day, and the average time spent in the store.

Nomi presents the data in a clean, visual representation and allows retailers to measure the success of various marketing campaigns such as how a new window display, or Facebook promotion can affect foot traffic.


The startup was founded by former executives from Buddy Media and Salesforce. In just 13 days, Nomi has already raised $3 million. CEO Marc Ferrentino, explains that Nomi will “give you the entire closed-loop experience with the footpath in the physical world.”


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