Driverless cars are ready to go and could allow senior citizens and the disabled to get back on the road.

This article titled “Robot cars are here – don’t write them off” was written by Noel Sharkey, for on Tuesday 19th February 2013 08.00 UTC

Would you trust your car to drive itself? Google is asking the populations of two states in the US to take that chance. The robot taxi, common in science fiction since the 1950s, is now set to become a reality.

The fully autonomous Google car has passed the legal hurdles for use on the roads of Nevada and California after hundreds of thousands of hours’ testing through cities and traffic. Now RobotCar UK is set to follow suit. The team at Oxford University led by Prof Paul Newman has equipped a Nissan LEAF electric car with lasers and cameras and stuffed a computer in the boot. First they drive it manually to construct a sensor map of the road and its surroundings. Next time it can travel that route in driverless mode.

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