Rube Goldberg Machine Separates Oreo Creme From The Cookie [Video]

Rube Goldberg Machine Separates Oreo Creme From The Cookie [Video]

Wieden + Kennedy have created four spots that show the extreme lengths some people will go to avoid eating various parts of the cookie.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 february 2013

As an extension of their cookie vs. creme campaign, Oreo are showing the extreme steps that some people take to eat the delicious components separately. In the first of four videos created by Wieden + Kennedy, physicist David Neevel (who hates the creme) is shown with his invention: a machine that does the hard work of separating the two. The Oreo Separator Machine splices the cookie and then removes the creme. Oreo notes:

Over the last hundred years, almost literally billions of productive man-hours have been lost to people splitting apart OREO cookies by hand and eating the part they prefer. In an attempt to make the world a better and more efficient place, OREO has contracted the world’s best roboticists, artists and tinkerers to create machines that will do the work for us.

Rube Goldberg Machine Separates Creme From Oreo Cookie [Video]

Co.Create reports that a response from someone who prefers the creme will be shown in another video to be released in the next couple of weeks. Fans can show their support for either side on Instagram by hashtagging relevant photos with #cookiethis or #cremethat. Check out the Separator Machine in  the video below:



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