Pop-Up Shop Made Of Cardboard Boxes Sells No Products [Pics]

Pop-Up Shop Made Of Cardboard Boxes Sells No Products [Pics]

The Deskontalia store in San Sebastian for the discount site has been designed to look like there are piles of boxes.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 february 2013

The Deskontalia store is a pickup store for internet orders from the company’s discount site in San Sebastian. As all of the purchases are handled on the web, the store has no physical products to display.

Customers can go in to pick up their purchases and browse the latest offers. Architects VAUMM filled the empty space by designing it to look like cardboard boxes are cluttering the store.

Store Filled With Cardboard Boxes Displays No Products [Pics]

Wooden furniture and shelving that look like cardboard boxes cover the walls and are piled up on the floor. Dezeen reports that these can be rearranged for different displays.

The store’s reception counter, which lines the edge of the room, also resembles a pile of boxes. Click through to see pictures of the Deskontalia store:


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