Leather Wallets Made From A Single Piece Of Material

Leather Wallets Made From A Single Piece Of Material
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British-trained Chieh Ting Huang formulates, and executes, efficient, minimalist design for iPhone cases and more.

Betsy Mead
  • 12 february 2013

Chieh Ting Huang, is a London-based designer whose work has been featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as several design festivals in the UK’s capital city. Why? His simple, sleek and glamorous creations. The one-piece wallets, coin purses, boarding card holders, fashioned from a single cut of leather, fulfill their purposes without the gaudy trappings and garish patterns that characterize many accessories. They are not currently widely available for purchase, but interested parties can contact the designer via his website.

Take a peek at the many ways that Chieh has reworked strips of material from mere trimmings into star attractions, and watch the video below to see the crafting take place.

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