4 Social Media Tools To Keep Your Office Connected [Future of Work]

4 Social Media Tools To Keep Your Office Connected [Future of Work]

How to keep workmates plugged in to the office and connected with each other.

Betsy Mead
  • 17 february 2013

If your office is more like ‘The Office’ of TV than ‘The Office Of The Future,’ it’s time to turn up your social media game. For the recent Future of Work report, PSFK Labs  challenged creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage the trends identified within the report. Below, find four socially-minded ideas that promise to change how we communicate with co-workers at the office.


How does your office feel? Office Mood-In Keeps Spirits High

Keep staffers smiling with Office Mood-in – an app that permits employees to log how they feel, so potential improvements can be made. That might mean fewer slanderous gossip sessions by the water cooler.


Rewardables Credits And Recognizes Good Work

A digitally-delivered notification of a job well done will foster camaraderie between co-workers and enthusiasm for shared project successes. Since we all spend too much time glued to our computer screens, the digital memos are sure to reach the intended recipients and put a smile on their face.


Better Cubicle To Cubicle Connection With CultureDNA

The CultureDNA app will work its magic by collecting data and information from employees to help team members find common interest points. Who knew Jim from Accounting was also a craft beer enthusiast? CultureDNA will help you connect.


Working Groups Kept Together With WorkforceDNA

Divisions within teams can cause ideas and temperaments to splinter, but WorkforceDNA can eliminate the risk of intra-group fallout by allowing users to check in on their colleagues.

PSFK is hosting an event at SMW about the Future of Work. If you are unable to attend, you can follow the Livestream here and get in on the conversation on Twitter with #SMWFutureOfWork.

For more information: PSFK’s Future of Work talk at Social Media Week

Hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for the next Future of Work sneak peek as we reveal highlights from the full report throughout the month. Catch all the trends, futuristic concepts and expert interviews that you’ve missed here or buy the entire report. Join the conversation and share your ideas about the future of work with the #FoW hashtag on Twitter.


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