PSFK Social Media Week Panelist: Nitin Rao On Working Together In 3D

PSFK Social Media Week Panelist: Nitin Rao On Working Together In 3D

An interview with a guest speaker at our Social Media Week event on the Future of Work.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 24 february 2013

PSFK Labs is excited to share an exclusive preview of our Future of Work report at Social Media Week NYC on Wednesday February 20th at 12pm. Piers Fawkes and the PSFK Labs team will be presenting cutting edge innovations as we discuss how Making Social Work in Collaborative Workplaces is the future of work. For more information click here.

Wednesday’s discussion will feature a leading panel of experts about how social media is changing how we work. We recently spoke with one of our guests, Nitin Rao, founder of Sunglass (@NitinBRao), about collaborating on 3D design work through cloud-based technologies. If you have any questions for him, you can tweet them with #SMWFutureOfWork before our discussion so that we can include them in the talk.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Design is more collaborative than ever before – and yet today’s 3D design tools are still built for individuals working in isolation, working on desktops, and spending thousands of dollars just to get started. Leaving some of our most creative minds struggling with incompatible file formats, expensive tools, old versioning techniques – and many incredible ideas either get held back or never come to fruition – taking away from the design process – and our collective opportunity to build better products.

How does your product solve this problem?

We are trying to take brilliant ideas from idea to production faster. Sunglass brings design to the cloud, allowing users to virtually gather around your 3D assets with your design team, anywhere in the world, from your desktop, web, or mobile client.

Sunglass gives you granular control so that you can securely and easily share sensitive designs on a need-to-know basis with coworkers, clients, and contractors. You can chat with your team in real time, and annotate directly on the models in a shared virtual space.

Instant collaboration is as easy as sharing a link and versions are saved in the browser so that designs versions can easily be referred back to. Sunglass truly enables global collaboration, making it possible to take great ideas to production faster.

What forces are affecting change in the work force/workplace?

The Cloud is obviously a huge player in what we are doing. CAD software had previously been tightly tied to the desktop, and fairly resistent to change. We are part of a huge movement in design, unleashing designers from the desktop so that they can create, collaborate and access designs from anywhere. Mobile is a significant force here too. Instead of having to be at your desktop computer, designers can now work on 3D projects on the go from tablets and smartphones. This makes it much easier to work with teams from anywhere.

What do you think are the biggest factors for people to adapt to in these changes?

Teams are more fluid and collaborative than ever before – and the old model of having a dedicated team set standards, plan tools needed, people and access levels simply doesn’t work any more. Working on the cloud is every bit or more secure than existing practices with 3D data. We should move beyond discussions related to inevitable technology changes to the cloud, and instead focus on how our teams can be more competitive by accessing the very best collaborators possible, and shipping products faster.

Thanks Nitin!

PSFK’s presentation will feature a crowd co-opted discussion with expert panelist. The event is free to attend, however you must register by Tuesday afternoon, seats are filling up quickly so we recommend that you show up early and be prepared to show ID to attend. 

For more information click here 

If you are unable to attend, you can follow the Livestream here and get in on the conversation on Twitter with #SMWFutureOfWork.

Hope to see you there!

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