Paper Made From Stone Will Save Trees

Paper Made From Stone Will Save Trees
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Ogami notebooks use Repap, an innovative material with a much more friendly carbon footprint than traditional paper.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 february 2013

Repap is paper spelt backwards. It is also a new material that can be used as paper would be, to doodle on, to write upon frenetically or to make aerodynamic planes. But repap is not actually paper:  it isn’t made out of trees, it is made out of stone.

Ogami, based in Milan, is producing the word’s first notebooks made from stone, and not only are they environmentally friendly but they look nice too. The line consists of a minimalist collection, reminiscient of Moleskines or a ‘quotes’ edition with a graphic Bauhaus feel. While the design is interesting, it is what inside – the stone paper – that counts.


Stone paper is made from calcium carbonate and non-toxic resins, bonded together to create a smooth, creamy, naturally white paper-like material. The product is 100% tree-free, there is no water used in the process and no need for bleaching or dyeing, therefore no toxic sludge or pollutants. Calcium carbonate is in abundance on our planet, unlike the rainforest. It is a natural by-product of water mixed with limestone, one of the most common minerals in the world, and can easily be sourced sourced from quarries and building waste.


Repap is not sandpaper, it is not gritty and if you didn’t know it, you might think you were writing on ‘tree-paper’ but stone paper provides all the convenience: recyclable, archival, foldable and tearable with added bonuses such as being water-resistant and wipeable. It could be the way of the future, aiding our ever-growing agenda of sustainability, being wary of where we source materials and the harmful run-offs of production. Like the omnipresent Moleskine, Ogami has the cool factor but the price is justified. It is good for the planet, makes for a great writing experience, and repap can still make a killer ‘paper’ airplane.



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