In Brazil, Nivea and Agencia ClickIsobar built an app that only bothers to wake you up if it will be a beach day.

Truthfully, no one likes waking up to an alarm clock, especially if there's a blizzard happening outside. But imagine if said alarm clock were attuned to the weather dial, only disturbing your slumber when the sun was shining? The Nivea Sun Alarm app does just that – updating the weather in real time (via a weather channel) so those with the app only get woken up when it's time to hit the beach. And if there's a downpour, the alarm allows the person to sleep later.

A neat branded utility tool that  Nivea sunscreen and Agencia ClickIsobar created for the Brazilian market. It is available solely for Android and Apple devices. Check out the video to see how Agencia Click Isobar developed the concept for Nivea.

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