What A $4 Million SuperBowl Ad Spend Could Buy In Digital Campaigns

What A $4 Million SuperBowl Ad Spend Could Buy In Digital Campaigns

Digiday look at what a TV spot during the big game would translate into across five digital channels.

Kyana Gordon
  • 1 february 2013

Dear Advertisers, allocating massive million dollar media buys for Super Bowl Sunday on television is commonplace for you, with the first famous Super Bowl commercial in 1973 by Noxzema featuring legendary New York Jets quarterback, Joe Namath. But, have you thought about what all those millions could theoretically buy you in digital executions?

Perhaps not, but Digiday outlined a potential way to spend the money besides the typical 30-second Super Bowl spot.

Since many in the digital industry lament how they don’t see the level of big-brand ad investment that TV does,  it’s interesting to see how it would play out if the investment was there. Here are some of the potential suggestions that  Digiday made to yield impressions and buzz prior and during the Super Bowl.

1. Twitter Promoted Trending Topic (every day for a month): $4 million / $120,000 = 33 days

2. 8-day YouTube Ad Buy: $4 million / $500,000 = 8 days

3. 6+ Million impressions on Tumblr’s Radar: $4 million / $120,000 = 33 days

4. 50 million first-page interstitial ads: $4 million / $80 CPM = 50 million impressions 

Read more of Digiday’s analysis here.


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