Surface Desk – A Concept For Future Of Work

Surface Desk – A Concept For Future Of Work

This foldable working space allows the hotdesk worker to arrive and begin work instantly with full connection to their own personal data.

Wesley Robison
  • 3 february 2013

The Future Of Work

In order to bring to life PSFK’s Future of Work reportPSFK Labs challenged creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage the trends identified within the report. This concept was created by We Are Your Studio.

As real-estate becomes less affordable and companies feel the need to share space, the importance of having an easily adaptable work space is becoming a pressing issue. Office sharing has its benefits, helping to bring companies together, sharing resource and collaboration on projects but can leave workers feeling isolated and disconnected. ‘The Surface Desk’ allows workers to move their desk around for a nimble workforce, whilst allowing employees to customize their desks to their needs instantly.

Averting the impersonal nature of the empty desk and the isolated nature of working alone, The Surface Desk populates its intelligent surfaces with the worker’s own content as soon as they plug their tablet into the desk.

surface desk 2

The Surface Desk recognises the worker and automatically customises itself to their last day’s desk settings. A preset desktop opens up and desktop notes, stickies and family photos appear along the gesture reactive smart surface screen. The flat surface illuminates a preferred-language keyboard and a touch pad and pen are easily movable for left and right handed users.

The Surface Desk’s gesture screen allows workers to wirelessly move their ideas up to the visible cloud or other co-worker’s desks to share work and ideas. Thus collaboration and knowledge-share between workers is encouraged.

The flat surface design of the Surface Desk is fully adjustable and the angles of it’s screens and height allow for ergonomic perfection. Copper and black glass add a tactile quality, whilst providing the optimum background tone for desktop work.

Once finished with the Surface Desk it is easily folded down and wheeled on its ball-bearing-tipped legs to the Surface Desk storage for recharging ready for the next user.

We Are Your Studio

If you’re looking for more trends, innovative ideas or themes changing the Future of Work, check out our full report for sale here or join us for our Social Media Week discussion with leading experts and industry innovators on Feb 20th. More information here

For more exclusive PSFK Labs’ ideas, watch the summary presentation and see everything that you’ve missed so far here.  Feel free to join the conversation and share your ideas about the future of work with the #FoW hashtag on Twitter.

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