Tattoo Artists Challenged To Fill In QR Code & Scan For Job Interview

Tattoo Artists Challenged To Fill In QR Code & Scan For Job Interview

A Turkish ad agency creates a unique job application printed in the local newspaper.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 21 february 2013

It’s not unheard of for job applicants to take placement tests regarding their qualifications to get an interview. Usually they’re field-specific or general aptitude tests, like the SATs, but how would you test, say, a tattoo artist? Sure, generally some artistic ability, anatomical knowledge, and a steady hand wouldn’t hurt. But how do you ‘test’ them? We can’t imagine too many people would line up to have the new guy ‘test his skills’ on their arm.

BÜRO, an advertising agency from Istanbul, launched a new campaign in an attempt to help a tattoo parlor find a happy, less painful, medium for testing prospective artists’ skills.

Berrge Tattoo, a tattoo shop in Turkey, was in need of a new tattoo artist when they turned to BÜRO to promote the opening. But Berrge didn’t want just anyone applying. They wanted to know right away whether the applicant had the necessary artistic skills and steady hand required for a great tattoo. BÜRO’s execution was nothing less than pinpoint perfect.

To promote the job opening, Berrge placed a ‘test’ in a newspaper print ad: a blank QR code. The way the ad worked was that applicants had to fill in the QR code along the lightly outlined figure, taking extra care to be precise – only those QR codes that met a certain standard of precision would successfully scan. Once the applicant has scanned their completed QR code, they were free to fill out an application for the open position.




It’s an undeniably interesting twist on the QR code. The codes were pegged at their inception as the ‘next big thing’ in digital advertising. Since they’ve been introduced, they’ve returned terrible engagement/scan rates and general apathy from the public. Here, however, the QR code isn’t a substitute for content, as tends to be the case, but a ‘reward’ for engaging the content.

Berrge Tattoo


Images via Ads of the World and BURO

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