Hollywood Film About Interning At Google Launches Trailer On Google+

Hollywood Film About Interning At Google Launches Trailer On Google+

The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, unveiled the trailer and campaign with a Hangout on the social network.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 15 february 2013

Near the top of many lists of the ‘most desirable’ or the ‘coolest’ places to work, you’re likely to find Internet giant Google. With so many people vying for so few positions, it’s not unthinkable that to get in, you may be forced to take a lower position than your years or experience might otherwise suggest. This seems to be the humorous premise of Vince Vaughn’s new movie.

‘The Internship,’ slated for release in June 2013, stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two guys over 40 who lose their jobs and decide to resurrect their careers by turning to Google. Except the only way to get in the door is by working as interns, up against a host of 20-something, overachieving college graduates. With two box-office and comedic stars, the film looks like a solid summer comedy highlighting the nature of internships and the need to be tech-savvy. Check out the trailer below:

While the movie itself looks interesting, just as intriguing is the manner in which the trailer and film campaign were launched. While the movie centers on working at Google, and some of the film was even filmed at the company’s California campus, Google has no financial stake in the film. However, Google was the source of the launch push.




This past Wednesday February 13th, Google premiered the trailer for ‘The Internship’ during a Google+ Hangout that was hosted by Conan O’Brien and attended by Vaughn and Wilson. Users were able to submit video questions for Vaughn and Wilson via Google+ with the hashtag #theinternship. It’s also noteworthy to mention that to promote the Hangout, Google promoted the chat under the search bar on their home page. When it comes to Internet advertising, you’d be hard pressed to find a more visible platform than the Google home page.




Google later swapped the movie promotion for an ad about a Hangout with President Obama, but the space has frequently been used to promote celebrity Hangouts as of late.

‘The Internship’ also created a Google+ page, an official Facebook presence, and Twitter account to promote the film.

While Google+ hasn’t risen to the popularity levels of the social networks with which it was supposed to compete, namely Facebook and Twitter, this new tactic could signal a shift towards finding Google+’s niche. The platform seems to be finding its stride, and usage increase, through the popular Hangouts and the connection they bring between brands and fans. As was mentioned, President Obama used a hangout to connect with Americans following the State of the Union Address, National Geographic hosted a 125th anniversary Hangout with famous explorers, and PSFK hosts regular hangouts with industry executives.


If ‘The Internship’ is as interesting and unique as its launch, audiences may be in for a treat this June. And for a brand like Google, the film itself may

soften the internet giant’s corporate image at a time when news headlines often cite regulatory scrutiny over Google’s privacy policies and allegedly anti-competitive behavior.

Check out the website for ‘The Internship’ here, where you’ll find an interactive ‘career diagnostic,’ videos, and images.

The Internship



Images via The Internship and Twentieth Century Fox

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