PSFK chats with Industrial Color, the creators of LightTable and GLOBALedit, about working seamlessly with digital technology.

As part of our Future of Work Series we have reached out to experts on change currently going on in the workplace. We recently caught up with Albert Song and Matt Glueckert of Industrial Color. They are the creators of LightTable, which we recently featured, and GLOBALedit, which helps global creative teams manage their media and workflow. We asked them about how technology is changing how we can work seamlessly with global teams.

Where do you see the future of work headed?

Matt Glueckert:  We see a lot of changes happening right now. The change of structure of the workday, the way that people are bringing tools, all different types of tools, together and the pace of this evolution. Then the real big challenge is how do you make those things work together. It’s just this huge convergence right now of old and new, of analog and digital. For us, it’s particularly exciting because not only do we do that on so many different levels here, internally, but also the people that we work with.

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