Sensor Tracks Packages To See If They’ve Been Damaged During Delivery

Sensor Tracks Packages To See If They’ve Been Damaged During Delivery

DropTag, developed by Cambridge Consultants shows what has happened to an item in transit.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 february 2013

DropTag enables you to track a package you’ve ordered from the time it leaves the retailer to when it gets to your door. The sensor system and app, created by product development firm Cambridge Consultants, spots signs that it has been dropped or damaged, allowing you to see what’s happened to a package during transit.

The small device is stuck to a package before delivery and the accelerometer monitors g-forces to see if it has been shaken or dropped.

DropTag Tracks Packages To See If They’ve Been Damaged During Delivery

A customer app then warns about the package on delivery before it is signed for, displaying a graph that shows its movements and a status that says either “well handled” or “dropped.” Tom Lawrie-Fussey, business development manager at Cambridge Consultants, said:

Existing parcel condition monitoring systems tend to be quite basic, mechanical sensors – or very expensive data loggers. DropTag is different – it’s a simple, low-cost sensor platform with connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone. We’ve developed a simple app which shows what’s happened to a parcel in transit – for example, if the box has been mistreated, the app immediately indicates this. We’ve also created a plot mode within the app for more detailed analysis.

Cambridge Consultants is now developing the platform further to log critical event data so it can provide info about exactly what happened to a package and when. They are also exploring the addition of temperature sensors for ‘cold-chain’ storage and distribution in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Check out the video for DropTag below:


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