Train Station Looks Like It’s Always Under A Giant Cloud

Train Station Looks Like It’s Always Under A Giant Cloud
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Ukrainian architect's lofty design features buoyant cloud-like piece that appears to hover above a busy passenger terminal.

Betsy Mead
  • 26 february 2013

A cloud-like structure, which perches atop a transport hub, is the latest innovative idea to come from Ukrainian architect Arthur Kupreychuk.


Kupreychuk, of Kiev, Ukraine, won in the SUR exterior category in 2011’s Russian ArchiSUR competition for his The Draft Parking Lot with the Car Service Station, also described as “The Allegory of Soaring Architecture” below. In this contest, entrants had to employ ArchiCAD software in their offerings, examples of “free form modeling.”


In his 2013 proposal, Kupreychuk has envisioned a train station for the Crimean town of Sevastopol in the Ukraine, which features a light, cloud-like contraption that appears to float above the main building of the locale. Passing through this edifice is the fastest way to reach the platform from outside, so travelers will hypothetically be able to marvel at the wondrousness of nature being brought to earth.


There’s more to this white bubble than its quirky appearance. It is intended to, literally, float on air, as its supposed density will be less than that of the air outside, and could be likened to an air ship.


Kupreychuk described his vision to ArchDaily as follows:

The shell is filled with helium. Guy lines make it stiff in the space. Aluminum frame consisting of longitudinal and transverse trusses makes the external form hard, the gas is inside a rigid framework in bags (cylinders) made of a gas-tight material, facing is made of fiberglass uniform panels.




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