Trojan ‘Safe Ride’ Cabs Give Riders Free Condoms

Trojan ‘Safe Ride’ Cabs Give Riders Free Condoms

The prophylactic company is promoting safe sex this Valentine's Day with NYC cabs that quiz passengers on sexual health for prizes.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 13 february 2013

This Valentine’s Day, it’s going to be ‘Cash Cab meets condoms.

Courtesy of Trojan Brand Condoms, this Valentine’s Day weekend will see select NYC taxi cabs transformed into condom-sporting Trojan Safe Ride taxis.

As part of Trojan’s National Condom Month campaign coordinate by Edelman, the prophylactic company is using Valentine’s Day to promote safe sex among New York City residents with a fun, interactive sex-ed. taxi experience. The Trojan Safe Ride cabs will provide a complimentary cab ride in the Greenwich Village and New York University areas of Manhattan to couples and passengers out on the town, with the twist of quizzing them about sexual health during their ride.




Although unaffiliated with Ben Bailey or the Discovery Channel, the Trojan Safe Ride taxis will work very similarly to the popular game show ‘Cash Cab.’ Participating riders can answer questions about sexual health, administered by Trojan Brand ambassadors, and earn prizes along their trip. Passengers who correctly answer five or more questions receive a Trojan Brand prize pack, and those ‘sex-perts’ who manage to answer all of their questions correctly win a year’s supply of Trojan Condoms.

The cabs, which will run from 7 PM – 2 AM on February 14th and 15th within this designated area, are part of a campaign created in conjunction with the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). As Bruce Weiss, VP of Marketing for Trojan, points out:

While using a condom is easy, it is important that people have the facts to ensure they are using them consistently and correctly, and that we continue to dispel the myths associated with condom usage.

The Safe Ride cabs, which will be the most visual ‘stunt’ aspect of the campaign, are part of a larger campaign initiative by Trojan and the ASHA. The campaign also includes an informational website called ‘Condomology’ ( and a short film on ‘The History of Condoms.’

Drivers of the Safe Ride taxis are all specially selected limousine drivers, and will have an accompanying Trojan representative to administer the quiz.


If taxis with ads shaped like condoms in place of the regular taxi top ads aren’t a fun and engaging way to broach a sometimes-sensitive topic, we don’t know what is.

Trojan is certainly no stranger to public, in your face marketing tactics. The last big New York City stunt by Trojan, a vibrator giveaway from NYC-style hot-dog carts in August, ran into problems with the city for not having the proper permits and documentation. Mark Gromosaik, a product manager for Trojan parent company Church & Dwight Co., assures that will not be a problem this time around.

The Safe Rides and National Condom Month initiatives are also a good platform to build buzz around the Trojan brand, as they get ready to release Trojan Crazy Sexy Feel lubricants this spring. The sexual lubricant market is roughly half the size of the half-billion dollar condom market, and largely untapped by Trojan.

This Valentine’s Day weekend, enjoy a Safe Ride with that specially someone. If you want to brush up on your sexual health knowledge beforehand, you can visit the newly launch Condomology website here.


Church & Dwight Co.


Images via Edelman

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