Phone Checks Urine Samples

Phone Checks Urine Samples

Launched at the TED conference, uChek will enable urinalysis with just a smartphone and commercially available test strips.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 february 2013

Urine analysis can be used to detect a variety of medical conditions, with test strips showing the results as color changes. A standard urine test strip may comprise up to ten different chemical pads or reagents, which react and change color when dipped in a urine sample.

Launched at the TED conference in California, uChek is a new iPhone and Android app that will enable urine analysis with just a smartphone and commercially available test strips. The app reads the color of the strip after you take a few pictures of it with your phone’s camera at certain intervals.

Urine Analysis App Can Detect Up To 25 Diseases

Mashable reports that the pictures are used to reveal potential health issues, with the results showing the chemical composition of your urine and what it means. Some of the parameters that uChek can detect are levels of glucose, proteins, ketones, etc.

It can also help detect the presence of up to 25 diseases including diabetes, pre-clampsia, and urinary tract infection. It is simple to use, enables you to view trends over time, and could reduce the number of visits to your doctor.


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