Platform Lessens Dressing Room Stress By Sharing Outfits With Social Networks

Platform Lessens Dressing Room Stress By Sharing Outfits With Social Networks

New photo-sharing app, Voto, take the pressure off shoppers by crowdsourcing purchasing decisions.

Betsy Mead
  • 6 february 2013

It’s a shopper’s worst nightmare. Enter a choice boutique, select several beautiful outfits, and scuttle to the changing room…only to end up flummoxed by the possibilities. New photo sharing app Voto can cut the last part by harnessing the power of social media to “democratise” shopping.

Voto, founded by Scott Paul, allows users to snap pictures of items–or anything, really–which they can then upload onto a special feed, and where contacts also using Voto can cast their votes. The most popular choice will be marked by a star. Paul, who also heads up iPad company Armor Active, notes that app runs in sync with Facebook, so Voto-ers will know that whoever is passing sartorial judgement is real (or at least real enough to have a Facebook profile). Images can also be disseminated via Instagram and other social media networks.

The idea is nifty, in and of itself, but it also provides a great opportunity for retailers to track and learn about consumer preferences. Paul is no stranger to such ventures; Armor Active has collaborated with major names like GAP and Nike to link the physical with the digital, and has a clear idea of how he wants Voto to work:

Our vision for Voto is to gain valuable analytics from the mobile social marketing space using images, which will provide brands and stores with almost real-time data for making future business decisions.

The free app is currently available on iPhone, iPad and iPod for the public, but the company is also creating two versions specially tailored to businesses. Voto Kiosk will allow them to display images of their items only, creating a dialogue between company and customer, and relaying valuable trend and preference information. Brick-and-mortar outlets can use the Voto Booth app to take pictures of themselves in stores, wearing products, which they can send to their networks.


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