Google Glass Asks For Testers Via Social Media

Google Glass Asks For Testers Via Social Media

Google's augmented reality project gets closer to a launch with a new website and competition for beta testers.

Daniela Walker
  • 21 february 2013

If you have $1500 and are good with words, you may be one of the first to try out Google Glass, the company’s augmented reality glasses. Since announcing Project Glass last year, there have been many whispers but little known about the experiment, but yesterday Google launched a new website and competition, seeking out ‘Explorers’ to test out the new glasses.

Using the hashtag #ifihadglass, and in 50 words or less on Twitter or Google+, people are asked to say why they deserve to try out the glasses. Contestants can use up to five pictures and a 15 second video to make their case. Google will then choose 8,000 winners to get Google Glass; however, they don’t come cheap. Winners have to be able to pay for the glasses, $1500 plus tax, as well as be able to pick them up at a special event in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

As for Google Glass — what can you do with it exactly? The website shows all the potential of the augmented reality tool: with the simple command, ‘OK Glass’ you can take a video, a picture, send a message and yes, do a Google search. But the glasses aren’t really glasses, there is no screen in front of your eyes as the promo video would have you believe, rather there is a screen to the right of your right eye, mounted on the head gear.

If you want to explore this next level of technology, better get applying, and for now, check out how it feels to wear the glasses in the Google video below:

 Google Glass

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