High Cost Of NYC Living Is Fueling A Sharing Economy

High Cost Of NYC Living Is Fueling A Sharing Economy

yerdle is an online platform that allows users to borrow and loan items to reduce consumption, waste and costs.

Yi Chen
  • 25 february 2013

New social platform ‘yerdle’ plans to address storage issues for people living in small apartments. Rather than promoting to buy items to meet certain needs, yerdle encourages its members to share instead. yerdle aims to “reduce the number of new things people have to buy by 20 percent.”

Following its launch on Black Friday in November, 2012, yerdle has grown to almost 10,000 members. When a user logs on, they can easily see which items are available to borrow from their networks of friends, and also friends of friends. Adam Werbach, co-founder of yerdle, explains why the social network is launched in NYC:

yerdle was made for NYC. For us it’s the next logical step; NYC is fertile ground for a sharing economy. From tight spaces, to subway lines, municipal water, and an environmentally-oriented mayor, sharing is the most natural thing in the world for NYC.


yerdle is a free app that be accessed via the web and also on mobile phones. The site allows users to easily post items that they’re willing to give away or loan to their friends. Co-founder Andy Ruben, former Chief Sustainability Officer at Walmart, comments:

We built yerdle to create a new way of getting the things you need without creating more waste. If you need a tent, a circular saw, kids soccer cleats, or thousands of other items try sharing through yerdle.



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