Hoodies Made To Last 10 Years

Hoodies Made To Last 10 Years

Flint and Tinder's premium unisex sweatshirt is guaranteed to last at least a decade and backed with free mending.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 march 2013

The 10-Year Hoodie, created by Flint and Tinder, is a premium sweatshirt designed to last for a decade. The hoodie’s manufacturing process turns current standards on its head and it features reinforced seams, a brass zipper, and high quality fleece. It is reminiscent of the focus we just saw from J Crew on quality construction, so could this be indicative of a larger fashion trend, and the end to fast fashion?

A Hoodie Made To Last 10 Years

The 10-Year Hoodie is guaranteed for a decade and backed with free mending. The creators claim that if you put it through its paces it will actually get better, more interesting, and more unique over a lifetime of wear. It is also 100% made in America, as the tags, labels and fabric are all domestically produced.

The 10-Year Hoodie is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and you can get one in the color and size of your choice for a pledge of $89 . The campaign has sailed past its $50,000 goal, raising nearly $500,000 so far. Check out the video below:

10-Year Hoodie

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