What To Expect At The 2013 Mobile World Congress

What To Expect At The 2013 Mobile World Congress

With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK looks at the major trends shaping the mobile ecosystem.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 3 march 2013

The Mobile World Congress kicks off today in Barcelona; tens of thousands of attendees from over 200 countries will converge on the city to explore and discuss the new applications of mobile technology. First held in 1987, the Mobile World Congress is the world’s premiere mobile event, known for showcasing the latest innovations in the mobile ecosystem. The Mobile World Congress’ prestige has only grown over the years, as mobile has increasingly become a greater part of our lives. In this piece, created in partnership with iQ by Intel, we look at the implications of the 2013 Mobile World Congress for our mobile-driven lives.

While hardware design announcements often steal headlines, it’s what inside of the devices that’s responsible for the fast-paced evolution of the mobile landscape— in fact, hardly any major carrier is announcing new hardware at the conference. Instead, the event will focus more on the tech ‘behind the scenes’ – networks, support systems, connected spaces, and the actual capabilities responsible for providing an advanced mobile experience. Intel has long championed this kind of tech, and now as the world turns its attention to the importance of what’s ‘inside’ a connected mobile ecosystem, Intel is poised to shine at the Mobile World Congress.

Keynote speakers include the president of AT&T, founder of Foursquare, and CEO and CDO of agency Tribal DDB; all look at mobile for very different reasons, but all are there to discuss the implications that the rapidly evolving mobile industry will have on their business. The inclusion of so many different types of professionals indicates the wide range of implications we’ll see from innovations in the mobile ecosystem. Read on below for a roundup of the highlights to look for at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

An Increasingly Data-Driven, Connected Life

The ‘connected home’ is already old news at the MWC, even if it hasn’t happened for most of us yet. The GSMA, the mobile industry’s major association, is moving beyond the connected home to focus on the Connected City, showing how retail, municipal and personal can be networked together to increase the efficiency and safety of dense urban habitats. Multiple brands have been invited to set up a recreated city street that includes a town hall, department store, apartment, electrical store, hotel, cafe and lounge. AT&T will showcase energy consumption and home security management systems, Deutsche Telekom and IBM will demo how mobile helps create better public transportation, and Vodafone will show how they can monitor solar energy production while remotely controlling street lighting and signage for maximum energy efficiency. All of these technologies focus on machine-to-machine connections, also known as the Internet of Things, in many places cutting humans out of the loop to create the best results.

By connecting nearly every aspect of our lives through our mobile phones, we’re also creating an enormous amount of data. This data will be analyzed and harnessed to create predictable patterns of behavior, which businesses and governments will be able to use to increase the efficiency of urban management (such as preventative sewage draining or keeping traffic flowing) by letting data-driven networked machines take control. Elsewhere, we’ll also see connected data transform businesses like healthcare, with businesses able to use data collected from mobile activity to predict future events.

…And what else can we expect from this year’s Mobile World Congress? Continue reading here at iQ by Intel. 

If you’re attending Mobile World Congress this year, see the latest in innovation from Intel at Stand 34 in Hall 3!

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