Create Design On Mobile Phones, Receive 3D Printed Version

Create Design On Mobile Phones, Receive 3D Printed Version

Let's Create! Pottery and MakieLab both bridge digital and physical play with apps that let you send creations off to be realized.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 march 2013

Let’s create! Pottery‘ and ‘MakieLab‘ are two examples of companies that bridge digital and physical play. They enable users to develop creations in mobile apps, which can then be brought to life with the help of 3D printing. They are part of a larger trend for the need to possess something physical in an increasingly digital world.

Create Art And Toys On A Mobile Device, Receive 3D Printed Version

The Let’s create! Pottery app has integrated a 3D printing feature that enables users to convert virtual pots into real objects that can be displayed at home or given away as gifts. Creating and ordering pots doesn’t require any technical knowledge and they are delivered to your doorstep by the high quality 3D printing service Sculpteo. The app offers a big library of colors, patterns and materials to let users create a unique object and then select the new “print” option to choose the desired size of their pot. You can check it out below:

MakieLabs has just released a build-a-doll app for iPad that enables children to create dolls and then have them printed out for physical play. ‘Makies Doll Factory’ allows users to dress up and design a doll themselves and order it from their tablet. They can choose from a range of outfits and change the doll’s size, shape and it’s features, before choosing to order it. You can see it in action below:

Let’s create! Pottery


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