3D Printing Clothes At Home Could Be A Reality By 2050

3D Printing Clothes At Home Could Be A Reality By 2050

Recycle old clothing into new pieces without having to visit a store.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 march 2013

Current clothing production is wasteful and takes up too much space. This could be a problem when it’s predicted 75% of the Earth’s population will be living in cities around 40 years from now. Space is already a valuable commodity but by the time this migration has taken place, space could be the most valuable.

That’s why Joshua Harris’ clothes printer has gained so much traction recently. His idea centers around the concept of feeding your old clothes into his machine, you can then use that material to instantly print the next outfit you’ve had your eye on.


With 3D printing becoming so much more advanced, you may also be able to purchase cartridges of material from your favorite brand such as Nike, insert it into the machine and print out this season’s hottest item.

Another thing that makes this technology so exciting is the environmental impact. Your favorite outfit might only get a year or two of use before it’s thrown away. Plus it costs a lot of money to manufacture and transport in the first place.


Being able to print your clothes in-house (literally) would mean there are no wasteful transportation costs, or factory costs associated with the clothes you buy. Not only is this saving you money, it’s saving the environment, a combination your rarely hear these days.

Joshua Harris

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