3D Printed Stools Provide An Alternative To IKEA

3D Printed Stools Provide An Alternative To IKEA

'This Stool Rocks' is a project from furniture design site Fabsie on Kickstarter that offers local production and easy assembly.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 march 2013

Furniture design site Fabsie‘s first product ‘This Stool Rocks’ is a selection of rocking stools that offers the ‘assemble-at-home’ concept made popular by IKEA. However, it takes a different approach by providing customers with local production.

Fabsie knows makers in London, Dublin, San Francisco and New York who can make the stools on-demand. Files will be emailed to makers in any city with enough orders. For those with a small number of orders, the stools will be made in the closest city that is active and shipped to the customer.

The minimalist, ready-to-assemble stools don’t need any tools to put together. They fit through strategically placed slots, making it easy to assemble or take apart in less than a minute.

Ready-To-Assemble Rocking Stools Take On IKEA

‘This Stool Rocks’ is raising funds on Kickstarter, where you can pledge £35 or more for a rocking stool. The ‘Hard Rock’ features 360° full rotation and needs to lean against wall when left alone as it doesn’t stand by itself. The ‘Soft Rock’ stool rocks forward and back, while the most stable piece ‘Easy Rock’ rocks forward only.

You can pledge £55 or more to receive a personalized stool that features your name or logo carved into it. Fabsie also provides advice for varnishing, painting or upholstering the stools. Check out the campaign video below:


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