Agency Replaces Business Cards With 3D Printed Action Figures [Video]

Agency Replaces Business Cards With 3D Printed Action Figures [Video]

Resoluut creates personalized figurines of its employees.

Yi Chen
  • 20 march 2013

Dutch creative agency Resoluut has come up with a unique and inspiring way to showcase its employees. Instead of the usual flat business cards, the agency has turned its workers into superhero-like characters and had the figurines created using a 3D printer.

The idea behind this concept is that because design is an important aspect of the agency’s business, Resoluut views its designers as its heroes. Each action figure is unique and is 100% custom made. At the bottom of each figurine is the e-mail address of the designer.


Small suggestions like this really makes a big difference to employee satisfaction and it’s certainly a good way to attract future talents to the organization. Agency RT+P had a similar idea recently by welcoming new hires with personal mini crayon sculptures.

Watch the video below to see how Resoluut created these figurine name cards:


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