Regan Meador left his strategy position at Euro RSCG to become a wine maker on the North Fork.

Regan Meador’s resume looks a bit different than most; up until the spring of 2011, Meador had been steadily climbing the ranks in the agency world. Based in New York, Meador had worked for Campfire, Grey, and was currently in a Senior Strategist role at Euro RSCG. But after some soul searching, Meador decided to leave the ad world behind to pursue a career in something he truly loved: wine.

In the summer of 2011, Meador and his wife packed up their life in New York City and moved to the North Fork of Long Island, where he could start his journey to becoming a winemaker. He started searching for a job as an assistant winemaker at a vineyard, an experience he describes as humbling, ‘I knew I would have to start at the bottom- I had plenty of experience tasting, researching and reading about wine, but none in actually making it. Lucky for me, I found a few people who were looking for someone like me- someone who was eager to learn but that they could pay peanuts. It truly took a lot of swallowing my pride, scrubbing floors, cleaning and more cleaning, but with that came a lot of learning, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.’

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