Campaign Aims To Disgust Social Smokers

Campaign Aims To Disgust Social Smokers

Canadian PSA amps up warnings to occasional puffers, who can be in denial about their noxious habit.

Betsy Mead
  • 25 march 2013

The dangers of smoking have been written about umpteen times, but that has not deterred many from indulging in a habit that isn’t quite being a ‘smoker’ but teeters on the borders of being one. ‘Social Smoking,’ the habit of lighting up only when drinking or enjoying time with friends, is a phenomenon that takes place quite often and results in individuals claiming that they don’t indulge on a regular basis. But this could potentially be just as bad as being an active smoker.

A new Public Service Announcement by the Ontario Ministry of Health breathes new life into campaigns that emphasize how harmful the habit is, by underlining the contradictions of being a ‘social smoker.’ The drive, which is the product of BBDO Toronto, features videos directed by the Perlorian Brothers, that draw attention to the ludicrous nature of ‘social nibbling,’ ‘social farting’ and ‘social ear wax picking,’ and contrasts them with ‘social smoking.’ It seems to question why, if the others are gross habits, social smoking not seen in the same light.

The initiative is called ‘Quit the Denial’ and indicates that, perhaps, social smoking is just as bad as puffing on cigarettes full-time, and that dabblers are in-denial addicts.

Quit The Denial 

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