Antique Devices Unzipped To Expose Mechanical Workings [Pics]

Antique Devices Unzipped To Expose Mechanical Workings [Pics]

Hu Shaoming’s ‘Reconnecting Time’ exhibition features a vintage phone, clock, camera, and portable film camera fitted with zippers that reveal their inner tech.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 march 2013

Art student Hu Shaoming‘s ‘Reconnecting Time’ exhibition, which is on display at the Guangzhou Art Academy where he studies, features antique devices that he has meticulously taken apart and put back together.

While doing so, he also added a zipper to subtley reveal the insides of the objects, exposing the normally hidden gears and internal workings. Cool Hunting reports that Hu collected four different devices, each from a different country, and each created in a different decade.

Antique Devices Fitted With Zippers Expose Mechanical Workings [Pics]

His collection features a phone from the 1910s, a clock from the 1920s, a camera from the 1930s, and a portable film camera from the 1940s. He spent four months taking these objects apart, piece by piece, and embedding a zipper into them while reassembling them.

This intricate work involved a great deal of patience and attention to detail, as all the parts needed to be preserved without damaging them. Click through to see images of the phone, clock, camera, and film camera:

Hu Shaoming


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