Augmented Reality Info Overlaid On Objects And Buildings

Augmented Reality Info Overlaid On Objects And Buildings

PAR Works' technology lets you scan cars and structures to see relevant details about them.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 march 2013

PAR Works‘ technology lets users to create augmented reality overlays on building exteriors, inside retail stores, on vehicles, and more. These can provide customized information for others to view, for example, historical facts about an object or details about a house for sale. This enables people to get more information about an object quickly and easily.

PAR Works’ app MARS, which operates on iOS and Android, delivers on-demand branded content to users through their mobile devices. The company notes that “the speed and millimeter-level accuracy of the image detection and content overlay in MARS is unparalleled”. Mashable reports that the MARS app is a finalist in the SXSW Interactive Awards.

AR Information Overlaid On Objects And Buildings

The augmented reality information about a certain object must be entered manually, so others can find it by simply taking a picture.  Once they snap a photo, MARS adds high-precision, informational overlays that can display video, web pages, etc.

The app also allows users to view trending MARS-enabled places and objects, find things near their current location, search by tag, and more. They can read about sites before they visit them, view recently augmented photos taken by other users, and leave comments. You can see PAR Works technology in action in the video below:

PAR Works

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