Audi Concept Replaces Traditional Taillights With Mini TV Screens [Video]

Audi Concept Replaces Traditional Taillights With Mini TV Screens [Video]

'Swarm' proposes transforming a vehicle's rear end into a light surface to communicate more information to other drivers.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 march 2013

A vehicle’s rear tail light indicates to other road users that the driver is braking or turning, but what if it could signal more? Audi‘s ‘Swarm’ concept proposes turning the rear of a vehicle into an OLED display, capable of communicating more information.

The external light design could react to the approaching driver, following his or her movements and highlighting the main contours of the vehicle or the door handle. When the driver has entered, restrained OLED lighting would become active inside.

Audi Concept Replaces Traditional Taillights With OLED Display [Video]

A vehicle’s rear end could be turned into a large, continuous light surface, with innumerable small points of flickering light. Their movements follow the movements of the vehicle, so when a right turn is made, they flow to the right, when the car brakes, they flow rapidly forwards, and the faster the car goes, the faster they move. This would enable the following driver to always see right away what the car in front is doing.

Gizmag notes that ‘Swarm’ could potentially be a hazard by distracting other drivers and reports that a spokesperson for the UK’s Automobile Association said: “The Swarm is a delightful concept design but under current lighting regulations it is probably best saved for aquariums or art galleries.” You can check out the OLED technology in the video below:


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