DJ Software Developers Create Mixer For Beginners

DJ Software Developers Create Mixer For Beginners

iPad app lets any tablet user have the tools to weave together sounds and beats.

Plus Aziz
  • 1 march 2013

As app developers seek to democratize DJing, many industry giants and nimble entrepreneurs are working to link personal use, club environments, and the after party. Traktor is a key industry DJ software created by Native Instruments; they innovate tools that many DJs use, but the equipment hasn’t been used by non-DJs because of its price and complexity.

dj traktor setup

The company released an easy to use iPad app that relies entirely on a touchscreen interface to mix the music. Load a song from iTunes, and then use gestures like dragging, pinching, and touch to work a track. These basic iPad gestures enable users to craft beats, loops, insert freezes, slices, mash ups, and mix in a live setting. The app retails for $20.

As The Verge reports, its oversimplified interface is targeted at amateurs and less towards DJ purists, who might find the app to be reductive:

Traktor DJ also does harmonic analysis of your iTunes library and can suggest tracks that will work well with what you’re already playing, and there’s automatic beat matching and even downbeat detection, so just hitting play will start your next track in sync with what’s currently playing. It’s basically doing the basic parts of DJing for you, and it’s sure to irritate DJ purists.

Browsing the site, you’ll note that many tutorials and guides have been written to support their online community. They also provide support through a Facebook Page. The app is promising because the content and customer support they provide is all focused on entry-level DJs, and the larger software developer is capable of absorbing DJs as they grow to become more professional.

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