Gel Instantly Stops Cuts From Bleeding

Gel Instantly Stops Cuts From Bleeding

Veti-Gel is a student-developed, plant-based substance that instantaneously stops blood from gushing when applied to a wound.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 march 2013

Joe Landolina, a student at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, may have created a way to stop bleeding. He has invented a gel that when applied to a wound, whether it be a tiny slice from a knife to a major cut in an artery, will immediately stop the blood from gushing.

His creation, called Veti-Gel, is made up of genetically modified plant-based material and is a synthetic form of the extracellular matrix (ECM), a part of body tissue that forms a scaffolding in the body and activates the clotting process. When applied to the wound, the gel binds to the ECM, acting like skin, completely covering the wound. Landolina told Tech News Daily:

It instantly tells the body, ‘OK, stop the bleeding,’ but also it starts the healing process.

While there are other clotting agents on the market, none work as efficiently as Veti-Gel, which works instantly, does not require any pressure to be applied and does not require refrigeration, as it can be stored at temperatures from 33 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Landolina is currently in the testing stage with colleagues at his startup, Suneris, and seeking FDA approval. Should they get it, we could be seeing Veti-Gel everywhere from the battlefield to your medicine cabinet.

Click through to see how effective Veti-Gel is in this somewhat graphic video of a pork loin being pumped with blood:



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