Revamped Caller ID Displays Users Social Profile And Email

Revamped Caller ID Displays Users Social Profile And Email

Thread provides social media profile data and past email exchanges of the person who is calling you on your phone.

Lara Piras
  • 15 march 2013

Thread is an app that does to caller ID what Rapportive did for Gmail.

Brooklyn-based startup Thread is a content management app that gives a context to who exactly is calling you. A SXSW Accelerator Finalist, this clever app does so much more to give hints as to whom the person is who’s calling, as opposed to your phone simply displaying the person’s name on incoming calls.

Smart phones are able to hold thousands of different contacts from different networks, from email to Facebook, so to help identify the caller this app does a number of extremely helpful things.

Firstly it creates a customised screen, filtering all the possible information you’d need on the person calling. Secondly, this screen displays the caller’s Twitter and Facebook feeds giving you an initial idea of whom this person is and which company they’re from or field they’re in. It also shows your most recent texts and emails aiding in conversation starters or helping to remember your last communication exchange and where to pick up from. Another clever aspect to the app is that the information stays on your screen during your call so you can quickly refer back to previous conversations, tweets or emails. Once you’ve hung up, you can also respond to the person via social media immediately from within the app itself.


Thread is the only app of its kind and is focusing on heightening phone call experiences and making them more productive within the workplace or even at home. Bradlee Benn, Managing partner for Sprezzat, the parent company of Thread told, ‘This completely untapped mobile real estate — the incoming call screen — could be customized with targeted content, making each call more engaging and useful.’


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