Blanket Designs Inspired By Camera Glitches [Pics]

Blanket Designs Inspired By Camera Glitches [Pics]

Designer crafts throws using patterns from broken electronics.

Betsy Mead
  • 20 march 2013

2012 was the Year Of The Glitch, according to designer Phillip Stearns. The Brooklyn-based creative, whose favored form of media is electronics, has cobbled together blankets “layered with irony” as part of a current artistic project. The items, measuring 40 by 60 inches, have been modeled on patterns from “intentionally broken cameras” and aim to combine the cold, hard logic of a digital system with softer, malleable entities, like memory. As he said, the coverlets function as a “platform for fashioning corrupted memory.” These works are reminiscent of the glitch cabinet, which PSFK wrote about previously.

Each piece will set you back $300 and $15 shipping, but be quick as there are only five of each design available for purchase.

Error-inspired art– a trend for 2013?

Check out a selection of designs in the gallery below.

 Phillip Stearns

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