Carlsberg Tests Friendships With Terrifying Pranks [Video]

Carlsberg Tests Friendships With Terrifying Pranks [Video]

In the shock ad, unsuspecting people were made to believe their friends were in trouble to see whether they would help.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 march 2013

Carlsberg is going for the shock factor in their latest campaign. They put friendships to the test by setting up unsuspecting people and making them believe their friends were in trouble to see how they would respond.

They received a phone call from their best friend in the early hours (1am to 5am) asking them to bring money to a poker game. The friend claimed they were in trouble and couldn’t leave until they’d paid. Friends who agreed to go and help had to transverse a number of seedy and dangerous looking places in the building before reaching the poker game on the third floor.

Carlsberg Tests Friendships With Elaborate Pranks [Video]

If they went all the way and dropped the money on the table, they found out it was a stunt by Carlsberg. A curtain opened up to reveal a crowd of people cheering the ‘true mate’ in front of a banner reading “Standing up for a friend… that calls for a Carlsberg.”

Fans can also put their friends to the test with a Facebook app that finds out how many would help them out in the middle of the night. You can check out the Carlsberg ad below:



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