Children Around The World Pose With Their Favorite Toys [Pics]

Children Around The World Pose With Their Favorite Toys [Pics]
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Gabriele Galimberti's photo series 'Toy Stories' features global children posing with their action figures, cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and other objects.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 march 2013

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti‘s photo series ‘Toy Stories’ features children from around the world posing with their favorite toys. Shot over 18 months, the photographs reveal insights into how children from different countries play and the various kinds of toys they enjoy. It also provides a unique view into the mind of the child by highlighting what they hold dear.

Children Around The World Pose With Their Favorite Toys [Pics]

Galimberti would first play with the child before the photo shoot, and learned there were differences between children from richer countries and those from poorer countries. He said:

The richest children were more possessive. At the beginning, they wouldn’t want me to touch their toys, and I would need more time before they would let me play with them. In poor countries, it was much easier. Even if they only had two or three toys, they didn’t really care. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside.

The children were found to gravitate towards toys with cultural significance. For example, a boy in Mexico liked trucks because he saw them passing through his village everyday, while a girl from an affluent family in Mumbai liked Monopoly because she liked the idea of building hotels. Click through to see a selection of images from the photo shoot:

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