Chocolate Glass Enhances Flavor Of Beer

Chocolate Glass Enhances Flavor Of Beer

Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen introduces special edition chocolate stout and edible glass combination.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 4 march 2013

Having your cake and eating it, too? More like having your beer and eating it, too. Kind of.

This past month, Sankt Gallen, a brewery located in the Kanagawa region of Japan, unveiled a unique way to enjoy their famous malt beverage: with an edible glass.


Recently, Sankt Gallen has been gaining notoriety for their line of specialty chocolate beers. Notably, their Imperial Chocolate Stout is an ultra-dark beer that uses ‘over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted “chocolate malt.”’ However, these extra ingredients reportedly make the beer overly bitter.

So, why not balance it with something sweet.

Initially for sale online starting February 1, Sankt Gallen developed a glass created entirely out of chocolate to pair with the stout. The chocolate used to make the glass was specially formulated to dissolve in your mouth, rather than your hand. Additionally, the chocolate is strong enough to withstand 5 servings of beer, consecutively, before it would have to be eaten.


It’s possible that the sweetness of the chocolate helps to counteract the bitterness of the beer, but it’s certainly a sweet after-beverage snack. The glass, if unused, has a shelf life of 2 years. Considering we’re talking about a pure-chocolate cup, we’d bet most people wouldn’t be able to refrain from using if after 2 days, let alone 2 years.

The functionality and success of the glass also raises some intriguing questions. Similar to the edible cookie cup for completing a consumer’s coffee drinking experience, other edible utensils present the possibility of reducing waste and the consumption of water for cleaning. While obviously delicious, it seems that a new wave of edible containers also might be more sustainable.

Next time someone makes you feel guilty about eating chocolate, tell him or her you’re doing it for the environment – sort of.

Sankt Gallen

Images via Rocket News 24

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